International Salivary Gland Society
European Salivary Gland Society

Third International Congress on Salivary Gland Diseases
22 - 23 March, 2012
Geneva, Switzerland

European Academy of ORL


  Dear Colleagues,

After the pioneering First International Congress on Salivary Gland Diseases held in Geneva in 2002, a second extremely successful congress took place in Pittsburgh in 2007. Another five years later it is time to gather again the world best specialists dealing with all aspects of salivary gland functioning and disorders of the salivary apparatus.


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We still believe that the symbiotic contributions of clinicians, surgeons, pathologists, immunologists, radiologists, dentists, and researchers from different basic science fields will be stimulating and highly productive. Clinicians will have the opportunity to update their knowledge with recent developments in the mechanisms of salivary secretion, the immunology of salivary diseases, and physiopathology and treatment of xerostomia. The controversies in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant salivary tumors will be debated in lectures and round tables.

The meeting is formatted to allow formal presentation of important new information as well as panel discussions. Participants are encouraged to submit abstract for consideration. These presentations may be oral or in poster format.

During the last decade, sialendoscopy has become an established procedure and this meeting is linked to the First Sialendoscopy Conference which will also take place in Geneva on the following days (24-25 March 2012). During this conference Prof. Francis Marchal and the invited faculty will cover in detail all diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of sialolithiasis and other obstructive ductal pathologies. Sialendoscopy courses are also organized around this conference.
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Geneva is famous not only as a home of major international organizations but also as the hometown of important ideas and movements, including those of Jean Calvin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Henri Dunant. The cultural treasures of the old city and the unrivaled beauty of its lake and nearby mountains are certainly worth a visit.

We are confident that this meeting will exceed your expectations, offering an exciting scientific event, as well as an enjoyable social and cultural experience.

Prof. Pavel Dulguerov
Organizing Committee President

Août 2, 2011

ESTC Geneva - Switzerland